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Daily Average Flow Data

Duchesne Tunnel Flow13.7012.7012.6313.2911.8810.5811.10
Oakley Flow 27.6437.9441.8823.8932.6234.6124.99
Oakley Forebay Level 9.809.809.809.809.809.809.80
Beaver Creek to Weber-Provo Canal Flow0.
Francis Flow38.1441.0539.3916.6533.6734.2917.96
Deer Creek Salt Lake Aqueduct Flow7.4910.3212.2719.7426.2435.2726.64
Deer Creek Penstock #1 Flow 99.23102.50103.81112.18118.02129.23123.10
Deer Creek Penstock #2 Flow0.
800 North Provo River Aqueduct Flow55.1451.1854.8519.3116.5355.2453.63
POTM Penstock Flow0.
POTM Siphon Flow
POTM JA1-1 Flow54.4050.5954.0918.8216.5054.4852.92
POTM JA1-2 Flow0.
JN Penstock Flow0.
JN Siphon Flow0.
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