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Daily Average Flow Data

Duchesne Tunnel Flow5.255.415.815.755.685.895.89
Oakley Flow
Oakley Forebay Level 9.859.859.859.859.859.9510.20
Beaver Creek to Weber-Provo Canal Flow0.
Beaver Creek to BSC Flow 11.0710.9410.7010.7411.3710.6510.69
Francis Flow23.0116.2617.3423.2516.141.959.63
Deer Creek Salt Lake Aqueduct Flow41.9435.0724.2224.2424.2324.1524.05
Deer Creek Penstock #1 Flow 130.94125.11114.93114.86114.88114.81114.81
Deer Creek Penstock #2 Flow0.
800 North Provo River Aqueduct Flow0.
POTM Penstock Flow0.
POTM Siphon Flow
POTM JA1-1 Flow0.
POTM JA1-2 Flow0.
JN Penstock Flow0.
JN Siphon Flow44.5144.5144.5144.5144.5144.5144.51
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