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Master Plan of System Improvements

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2014 Master Plan Update

The Master Plan is a prioritized plan of projects slated to be completed now and in the future by the Association. The Master Plan was created to help the Association map out repairs, improvements, and additions to the water system, including when they will likely occur and their prospective costs.

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Deer Creek Power Plant Tube Valve Replacement Project 

Capital Improvement
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Featured Project

Deer Creek Power Plant Tube Valve Replacement Project

The outlet works for the Deer Creek Dam and Power Plant include two 54” tube valves. Placed in service in 1941, these valves have served well past their original design life. The Association and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation have determined that it is time to replace these two very large valves. A process was undertaken to determine the best valve design and configuration for the replacement valves. Various types of valves were considered. Ultimately is was agreed that plunger-type valves would provide the best combination of fit with the existing outlet works, ease of operation and maintenance, efficiency and reliability.

A request for proposals was conducted and Erhard Valve has been selected to manufacture the plunger valves for Deer Creek Power Plant. Bowen-Collins and Associates was selected as the project design engineer. Utilizing the design, a request for bids process yielded Van Con as the contractor to purchase and install the new valves. It is expected that the valves will be delivered in late 2019. One valve will be installed during the winter of 2019-20 and the second valve will be installed during the winter of 2020-21.