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Deer Creek Upgrades

The Association is in the middle of a series of upgrade projects at the Deer Creek Dam, Reservoir and Power Plant.  The projects to-date have included the replacement of the lighting system in the penstock tunnel and access way.  The penstock fill piping system was upgraded in order to prevent an age-related failure of that system.  The original 1958 overhead crane was modernized.  This crane will need to be in excellent condition for projects coming in the future.  

Projects currently underway include the replacement of hydraulic lines that are used to operate the penstock guard gates.  These hydraulic lines are being replaced to make the system safer, more efficient and reliable.  The Association has retained a contractor to replace the original 54” tube valves that have served as the main outlet valves since 1941.  This significant project will take over two years to procure and install the new valves.  Beginning in approximately 2021, the generator rotors and stators will be tested to see if a rewind for them is appropriate.  Finally, in a few years, the Association will commence active planning and design for a project to upgrade or replace the intake tower for Deer Creek Reservoir.  This project has the potential to have major impacts to Association shareholders and those who deliver water through Deer Creek Reservoir.