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Water Report

Provo River Project
Snow PackSnow Water SoilPrevious Day
Equivalent*Moisture% of AvgAvg Temp
Trial Lake SNOTEL20-May-1926.433.8165%31 ° F
Provo R./Utah Lake/Jordan R. Basin194%
Weber-Ogden River Basin186%
Duchesne River Basin224%
Upper Provo RiverPartial Avg24 hr AvgNet Year-to-Date
Flow (cfs)Flow (cfs)Diversions (ac-ft)
Duchesne Tunnel22-May 09:05am145cfs19-May-19222cfs12,307
Weber-Provo Diversion22-May 09:05am398cfs19-May-19533cfs
Weber-Provo End22-May 09:05am426cfs19-May-19559cfs37,838
Hailstone Gage20-May-191319cfs19-May-191489cfs114,305
Hailstone Natural Flow20-May-19641cfs19-May-19731cfs66,883
Weber-Provo PRP Diversions20-May-1934,741
Jordanelle Reservoir
Reservoir Storage20-May-196,147.54ft elev260,192ac-ft
   To Fill18.86ft elev53,814ac-ft
Deer Creek Reservoir
Reservoir Storage22-May 08:05am5,415.50ft elev149,758ac-ft
   To Fill1.50ft elev2,807ac-ft
Net YTD Releases
Total Release20-May-19590cfs62,338ac-ft
   Power Generation510cfs
   Spillway0cfsPrevious Day
S.L. Aqueduct22-May 09:05am41cfsMax56° F
Provo River550cfsMin33° F
Reservoir Storage Breakdown as of20-May-19
   CUWCD Storage50132.00ac-ft
   Other Storage0ac-ft
   PRWUA Storage99,626ac-ft
   Total Storage149,758ac-ft
Provo River Aqueduct
Net YTD Diversions
800 North Flowmeter20-May-19184cfs5,694ac-ft
Lower Provo River24 hr Avg
Flow (cfs)
Provo River @ Harbor Drive20-May-19492cfs
Utah Lake
Elevation Relative to Compromise20-May-19(1.66)716,414ac-ft
Elevation Relative to Conversion(0.35)
Conversion Relative to Compromise(1.31)
Note: values are “Above” or “(Below)” compromise/conversion


*Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) is the amount of water in snow.

all data provisional