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Water Report

Provo River Project
Snow PackSnow Water SoilPrevious Day
Equivalent*Moisture% of AvgAvg Temp
Trial Lake SNOTEL25-Mar-2023.128.1112%29 ° F
Provo R./Utah Lake/Jordan R. Basin102%
Weber-Ogden River Basin95%
Duchesne River Basin111%
Upper Provo RiverPartial Avg24 hr AvgNet Year-to-Date
Flow (cfs)Flow (cfs)Diversions (ac-ft)
Duchesne Tunnel30-Mar 05:03pm8cfs24-Mar-2011cfs2,471
Weber-Provo Diversion30-Mar 05:03pm43cfs24-Mar-2045cfs
Weber-Provo End30-Mar 05:03pm45cfs24-Mar-2048cfs10,837
Hailstone Gage25-Mar-20140cfs24-Mar-20127cfs24,446
Hailstone Natural Flow25-Mar-2088cfs24-Mar-2072cfs13,153
Weber-Provo PRP Diversions25-Mar-209,135
Jordanelle Reservoir
Reservoir Storage25-Mar-206,149.71ft elev266,059ac-ft
   To Fill16.69ft elev47,947ac-ft
Deer Creek Reservoir
Reservoir Storage30-Mar 05:03pm5,413.23ft elev144,095ac-ft
   To Fill3.77ft elev8,470ac-ft
Net YTD Releases
Total Release25-Mar-20304cfs53,531ac-ft
   Power Generation276cfs
   Spillway0cfsPrevious Day
S.L. Aqueduct30-Mar 05:03pm47cfsMax53° F
Provo River267cfsMin33° F
Reservoir Storage Breakdown as of25-Mar-20
   CUWCD Storage16826.00ac-ft
   Other Storage0ac-ft
   PRWUA Storage127,269ac-ft
   Total Storage144,095ac-ft
Provo River Aqueduct
Net YTD Diversions
800 North Flowmeter25-Mar-200cfs591ac-ft
Lower Provo River24 hr Avg
Flow (cfs)
Provo River @ Harbor Drive25-Mar-20289cfs
Utah Lake
Elevation Relative to Compromise25-Mar-20(0.32)839,086ac-ft
Elevation Relative to Conversion(0.29)
Conversion Relative to Compromise(0.03)
Note: values are “Above” or “(Below)” compromise/conversion


*Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) is the amount of water in snow.

all data provisional