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Water OperationsLive Provo River Project SCADA System Data

Live Provo River Project SCADA System Data

Tag NameLast Successful PollValueLocation
S04_FIT_2M04/21/2019 06:19:31 AM60.52Duchesne Tunnel Flow
S06_LIT_1M04/21/2019 06:19:35 AM10.10Oakley Forebay Level
S06_LIT_2M04/21/2019 06:19:35 AM9.86Oakley Post-Screen Level
S06_LIT_3M04/21/2019 06:19:03 AM0.24Oakley Differential Level
S06_FIT_6M04/21/2019 06:19:36 AM195.29Oakley Flow
S06_ZI_3D04/21/2019 04:43:10 AM0.7500Oakley Bypass Gate Degrees Open
S06_ZI_3F04/21/2019 04:43:10 AM0.1182Oakley Bypass Gate Feet Open
S06_ZI_3M04/21/2019 06:19:03 AM1.70Oakley River Bypass Gate Position
S06_ZI_3P04/21/2019 04:43:10 AM400.00Oakley River Bypass Gate Inclinometer
S06_ZI_4M04/21/2019 06:19:35 AM14.90Oakley Canal Gate #1 Position
S06_ZI_5M04/21/2019 03:42:33 AM0.00Oakley Canal Gate #2 Position
S06_ZI_6M04/21/2019 06:17:26 AM49.75Oakley Low-Flow Slide Gate Position
S08_FIT_1M04/21/2019 06:19:41 AM49.45Beaver Creek to Weber-Provo Canal Flow
S08_FIT_2M04/21/2019 06:19:41 AM9.95Beaver Creek to BSC Flow
S11_FIT_1M04/21/2019 06:19:52 AM229.12Francis Flow
S14_FIT_11M04/21/2019 06:19:55 AM31.33Deer Creek Salt Lake Aqueduct Flow
S14_FIT_2M04/21/2019 06:19:52 AM115.50Deer Creek Penstock #1 Flow
S14_FIT_3M04/21/2019 06:17:56 AM4.00Deer Creek Penstock #2 Flow
S14_FIT_4M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00Deer Creek Spillway Flow
S14_LIT_8M04/21/2019 04:45:41 AM5413.37Deer Creek Reservoir Elevation
S15_LIT_1M04/21/2019 06:17:25 AM10.19Murdock Forebay Level
S16_FIT_1M04/17/2019 11:31:19 AM0.00800 North Provo River Aqueduct Flow
S34_FIT_2M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00POMA Flow
S35_FIT_1M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00POTM Penstock Flow
S35_FIT_2M04/15/2019 02:58:36 PM0.00POTM Siphon Flow
S35_FIT_3M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00POTM JA1-1 Flow
S35_FIT_4M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00POTM JA1-2 Flow
S35_LIT_1M04/21/2019 06:11:44 AM0.00POTM Spill Vault Level
S36_FIT_1M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM0.00JN Penstock Flow
S36_FIT_2M04/15/2019 01:59:29 PM0.00JN Siphon Flow
S36_FIT_5M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM-25.00Jordan Narrows North Branch Canal Flow
S36_FIT_6M04/15/2019 02:51:38 AM-15.00Jordan Narrows South Branch Canal Flow
all data provisional