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Water OperationsLive Provo River Project SCADA System Data

Live Provo River Project SCADA System Data

Tag NameLast Successful PollValueLocation
S04_FIT_2M08/20/2018 06:17:27 PM1.26Duchesne Tunnel Flow
S06_LIT_1M08/20/2018 06:17:30 PM10.06Oakley Forebay Level
S06_LIT_2M08/20/2018 06:16:58 PM9.99Oakley Post-Screen Level
S06_LIT_3M08/20/2018 06:17:30 PM0.07Oakley Differential Level
S06_FIT_6M08/20/2018 05:43:37 PM0.00Oakley Flow
S06_ZI_3D08/20/2018 06:08:49 PM0.6600Oakley Bypass Gate Degrees Open
S06_ZI_3F08/20/2018 06:08:49 PM0.1028Oakley Bypass Gate Feet Open
S06_ZI_3M08/20/2018 06:15:53 PM1.83Oakley River Bypass Gate Position
S06_ZI_3P08/20/2018 06:08:49 PM352.00Oakley River Bypass Gate Inclinometer
S06_ZI_4M08/20/2018 06:17:30 PM0.00Oakley Canal Gate #1 Position
S06_ZI_5M08/20/2018 05:42:47 PM0.00Oakley Canal Gate #2 Position
S06_ZI_6M08/20/2018 06:16:26 PM1.15Oakley Low-Flow Slide Gate Position
S08_FIT_1M08/20/2018 06:13:51 PM0.00Beaver Creek to Weber-Provo Canal Flow
S08_FIT_2M08/20/2018 06:17:37 PM3.45Beaver Creek to BSC Flow
S11_FIT_1M08/20/2018 06:17:48 PM1.88Francis Flow
S14_FIT_11M08/20/2018 06:17:55 PM157.05Deer Creek Salt Lake Aqueduct Flow
S14_FIT_2M08/20/2018 06:17:58 PM251.25Deer Creek Penstock #1 Flow
S14_FIT_3M08/20/2018 06:17:58 PM374.00Deer Creek Penstock #2 Flow
S14_FIT_4M08/20/2018 05:42:47 PM0.00Deer Creek Spillway Flow
S14_LIT_8M08/20/2018 06:13:13 PM5397.51Deer Creek Reservoir Elevation
S15_LIT_1M08/20/2018 06:13:01 PM9.76Murdock Forebay Level
S16_FIT_1M08/20/2018 06:16:50 PM191.40800 North Provo River Aqueduct Flow
S34_FIT_2M08/20/2018 06:17:59 PM84.60POMA Flow
S35_FIT_1M08/20/2018 06:17:22 PM43.15POTM Penstock Flow
S35_FIT_2M08/20/2018 05:42:47 PM0.00POTM Siphon Flow
S35_FIT_3M08/20/2018 06:16:44 PM14.70POTM JA1-1 Flow
S35_FIT_4M08/20/2018 05:42:47 PM0.00POTM JA1-2 Flow
S35_LIT_1M08/20/2018 06:17:22 PM8.33POTM Spill Vault Level
S36_FIT_1M08/20/2018 06:17:24 PM42.57JN Penstock Flow
S36_FIT_2M08/20/2018 05:42:47 PM0.00JN Siphon Flow
S36_FIT_5M08/20/2018 06:17:55 PM45.19Jordan Narrows North Branch Canal Flow
S36_FIT_6M08/20/2018 06:17:55 PM38.43Jordan Narrows South Branch Canal Flow
all data provisional