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The AssociationReclamation Reform Act (RRA)

Reclamation Reform Act (RRA)

In 1902 Congress enacted the Reclamation Act for the purpose of encouraging development of the West through family farming, while limiting speculation on land that could be used for agricultural purposes. The Provo River Project was one of many water projects subsequently authorized by Congress to deliver water developed by the Bureau of Reclamation. Acreage limitations instituted to allow for equitable use of Reclamation water were further defined and codified in the 1982 Reclamation Reform Act (RRA). Each year water users across the West are required to file RRA forms prior to receiving Reclamation project water.

Water users receiving Provo River Project water are among those required to file RRA forms, and may download the necessary forms using the link below. Questions regarding RRA and the use of Provo River Project water may be directed to the Office Administrator at the Association’s main office at (801) 796-8770.

Bureau of Reclamation RRA Website

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