Weber-Provo Diversion Forbay
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Weber-Provo Spillway & Francis Gauge

What is it?

A gauge is a mechanism that forces water to pass through it in such a way that the flow of the water can be measured. The Francis Gauge is located at the intersection of State Highway 32 and the Weber-Provo Canal in Francis, Utah, three miles southwest of Kamas.

Why was it built?

The Francis Gauge was built to measure how much water is being delivered into the Provo River from the Weber-Provo Canal.

When was it built?

The Francis Gauge was built in 1941 as part of the Provo River Project enlargement of the Weber-Provo Canal.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association's responsibility is to maintain the Gauge facilities, and to monitor and measure the flow of water through the gauge.

Weber-Provo Spillway Approaching 1000 Weber-Provo Spillway Approaching 1000 Francis Flume on the Weber-Provo Canal