Weber-Provo Diversion Forbay
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Weber Provo Diversion

What is it?

The Weber-Provo Diversion is a structure on the Weber River that diverts water from the Weber River through the Weber-Provo Canal. It is located approximately one mile east of Oakley, Utah.

Why was it built?

The Weber-Provo Canal was originally constructed to convey Weber River Project water and non-project water from the Weber River to the Provo River. Additional Weber River water rights were obtained when the Provo River Project was authorized, and in the 1940s the Weber-Provo System was transferred to the care of the Association. The Association oversees the conveyance of Provo River Project water as well as some Weber River Project water and other waters through the canal to the Provo River.

When was it built?

The original diversion structure was constructed in 1930 and consisted of a concrete ogee weir, two bypass slide gates, and six diversion slide gates. In 1992 the diversion was reconstructed. The reconstruction included the installation of a new radial bypass gate, new diversion intake screens, and two new radial canal gates.

How big is it?

The Diversion consists of a concrete ogee crest dam that extends the full width of the Weber River. This dam is approximately 19 feet in height and backs up water that is diverted through two radial gates into the Weber-Provo Canal. The overflow capacity of the diversion dam is 12,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), and the structure can divert up to 1,000 cfs into the Weber-Provo Canal.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association’s responsibility is to monitor and control the amount of water that is diverted into the Weber-Provo Canal through sensors and remote controls. Association staff also maintains the cables and gates to ensure they function properly and keep the gates and forebay free of debris.

Weber-Provo Diversion Forebay Weber-Provo Canal flowing approximately 1000 cfs Weber-Provo Diversion