Weber-Provo Diversion Forbay
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Weber Provo Canal

What is it?

The Weber-Provo Canal runs from the Weber River, approximately one mile east of Oakley, Utah, generally south to the Provo River, nine miles away.

Why was it built?

The Weber-Provo Canal was originally constructed to convey Weber River Project water and non-project water from the Weber River to the Provo River. Additional Weber River water rights were obtained when the Provo River Project was authorized, and in the 1940s the Weber-Provo System was transferred to the care of the Association. The Association oversees the conveyance of Provo River Project water as well as some Weber River Project water and other waters through the canal to the Provo River.

When was it built?

The Weber-Provo Canal was originally constructed in 1929-1930 as part of the Weber River Project and was enlarged in 1941-1947 under the Provo River Project.

How big is it?

The Weber-Provo Canal is approximately nine miles in length and consists of unlined, earth-lined and concrete-lined sections. The canal can deliver up to 1000 cfs.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

When the canal was originally constructed, there were concerns that the canal would lower the ground water table adjacent to the canal. Three check structures along the canal maintain a constant water surface elevation in the canal to allow groundwater levels adjacent to the canal to be in balance with the surrounding groundwater level. The Association’s responsibility is to maintain these check structures to ensure their proper functioning. Association staff also repairs fences along the canal, cleans out sandbars, removes excess foliage, controls the check structures, measures and monitors flow, and ensures the diversion and gate structures remain in working order.

A little more information...

Flow in the Weber-Provo Canal is measured at the head and end of the canal. The Oakley Parshall Flume located just south of the Weber-Provo Diversion Structure measures flow at the head of the canal. There is also a parshall flume structure located at the end of the canal, just prior to the canal convergence with the Provo River. Also, prior to the convergence with the Provo River, flow is conveyed through a spillway and stilling basin. The spillway drops the canal flow from the Kamas valley down into the Provo River valley.

Weber-Provo Canal Weber-Provo Canal Weber-Provo Canal