Provo River Aqueduct
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Murdock Diversion

What is it?

The Murdock Diversion is a concrete dam structure at the mouth of Provo Canyon, about nine miles below Deer Creek Dam. It has a radial gate that controls flow in the Provo River and allows water to back up and be diverted into the Provo River Aqueduct.

Why was it built?

The Murdock Diversion was built in order to slow and divert water from the Provo River into the Provo River Aqueduct for use by Association shareholders.

When was it built?

Construction of the diversion dam was completed in 1950.

How big is it?

The diversion dam consists of a 22-foot concrete ogee weir with a crest length of 100 feet. The sluiceway is a concrete-gated structure with a 16- by 14-foot radial gate located at the left side of the dam. The diversion headworks consists of a concrete structure with a 16- by 13-foot radial gate and a diversion capacity of 550 cfs.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association’s responsibility is to ensure that the gates are working properly and to keep the diversion free of debris. The Association also maintains the measuring structures in order to make sure sufficient water is being delivered downstream to its shareholders.

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