Duchesne Tunnel Upstream
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Broadhead Diversion

What is it?

The Broadhead Diversion is a small dam that collects water from Little Deer Creek and delivers the water through a pipeline to the Duchesne River just above the Duchesne Tunnel inlet. The Broadhead Diversion is located approximately 21 miles east of Kamas, Utah, just downstream from the Duchesne Diversion and Tunnel.

Why was it built?

In order to access the Association’s water rights in Little Deer Creek, a diversion was built to redirect the water from its normal course. Water is delivered to the Duchesne River to a point just above the Duchesne Tunnel where it is combined with flow from the north fork of the Duchesne River and sent through the Duchesne Tunnel to the Provo River. This water is stored in Deer Creek Reservoir for use by the Association’s shareholders.

When was it built?

The Broadhead Diversion Dam was originally constructed in 1953, but had to be reconstructed in 1964 as a result of the Little Deer Creek Dam failure.

How big is it?

The concrete structure has a weir length of 15 feet and a diversion capacity of 71 cfs. The headworks include a screened 30-inch precast-concrete pipe controlled by a slide gate. The dam also includes a 3-foot by 4-foot slide gate sluiceway to bypass flow.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association’s responsibility is to monitor and control the amount of water that is diverted into the pipe through sensors and remote controls. Association staff also maintains the gates, actuators, diversion structure and pipeline and ensure they function properly.

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