Deer Creek Reservoir Aerial View
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Deer Creek Power Plant

What is it?

The Deer Creek Power Plant is located at the base of Deer Creek Dam, approximately 16 miles northeast of Provo, Utah. The power plant is owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and is operated by the Association.

Why was it built?

When energy at non-government power plants is lost, the energy generated by the Deer Creek Power Plant is used as replacement energy. The power plant also provides revenues to offset the Association’s operation, maintenance, and Project repayment costs. Surplus power is managed and marketed by other local agencies that then provide power to several cities along the Wasatch Front and other areas west-wide.

When was it built?

The Deer Creek Power Plant was constructed in 1958.

How big is it?

The Deer Creek Power Plant consists of two 2,475 kW generators. Since the plant was placed in operation, the plant has had an average power generation over 25.8 million kwh per year. The 4.95 megawatt power plant is part of the Western Area Power Administration power system and much of the power generated is delivered to Utah cities.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association’s responsibility is to maintain the structure and inner workings of the power plant. The Association maintains a staff of four power plant operators who monitor the power generated and also monitor and manage the flow out of the dam for delivery to Association shareholders and other Provo River water users.

Deer Creek Power Plant construction - 1958 Deer Creek Reservoir Deer Creek Reservoir looking west toward Mt. Timpanogos