Deer Creek Reservoir Aerial View
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Deer Creek Dam

What is it?

Deer Creek Dam is a zoned earth-fill structure located on the Provo River approximately 16 miles northeast of Provo, Utah. Deer Creek Reservoir, the impoundment created by the dam, is a major municipal and industrial water supply as well as an important irrigation supply for the Wasatch Front. Deer Creek Reservoir holds 152,564 acre-feet when full.

Why was it built?

The dam was constructed as part of the Provo River Project to store water diverted from the Provo, Weber and Duchesne Rivers under Project and Association water rights. At the base of the dam is the Bureau of Reclamation’s Deer Creek Power Plant which is operated by the Association.

When was it built?

The dam was constructed from 1938-1941 as part of President Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act of 1933.

How big is it?

The dam consists of 2.81 million cubic yards of fill. The dam is a zoned earth-fill structure 235 feet high with a crest length of 1,304 feet.

The reservoir capacity is 152,564 acre-feet, of which 149,700 acre-feet is active pool, and the remaining 2,864 acre-feet is dead pool. The spillway is a concrete chute at the right abutment controlled by two radial gates with a capacity of 12,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). The outlet works has a capacity of 1,500 cfs. Deer Creek Reservoir covers a surface area of approximately 2,700 acres at full capacity and is used extensively for recreation, including boating, fishing, and swimming.

What is the Association’s responsibility?

The Association stores its water supply in Deer Creek Reservoir for delivery to its shareholders. The Association also operates the power plant for the Bureau of Reclamation and assists with power plant maintenance, as directed. Association operators ensure appropriate flows are delivered into the Salt Lake Aqueduct at the base of the dam or released down the Provo River to be delivered to Association shareholders and other Provo River water users.

Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir Deer Creek Reservoir Deer Creek Dam Spillway
High Water Discharge from Deer Creek Dam Outlet Works High Water Discharge from Deer Creek Dam Outlet Works Deer Creek Reservoir Aerial View