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Master Plan of System ImprovementsProvo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project (PRCEP)

Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project (PRCEP)


Provo River Canal Enclosure Project

PROVO RESERVOIR CANAL ENCLOSURE HOTLINE:  801.922.4344                                                                 

The Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project (PRCEP) is almost complete.  All of the mainline pipe along with supporting turnouts, structures and systems are in place and functioning.  The primary remaining tasks are the modifications to be completed at the Murdock Diversion in Provo Canyon.  The now enclosed Provo Reservoir Canal has been renamed the Provo River Aqueduct or PRA.

The modifications to the Murdock Diversion include adding a large automatic rake system to remove large debris, including trees from the river water as it enters the PRA.  Behind the rake four large travelling screens will be placed to remove smaller items such as twigs and branches.  The concrete structure is being modified to support and operate these two systems.  From the Murdock Diversion, water will flow under U.S. 189, through a new box culvert into the Olmstead Tunnel.  From this tunnel the water will enter the Olmstead and Parallel Siphons.  From these siphons, the water enters the PRA for transport and delivery.

During the 2012 irrigation season, much of the PRA system was used to deliver water to our shareholders.  All of the turnouts and other delivery points were functioning, but some were operated in a manual, local mode.  As the year progressed, the SCADA and other control equipment was installed and put into service.  By the end of the season, the PRA could be operated remotely.

Except for minor punchlist items associated with the PRCEP, all of the activity occurring now on the PRA corridor is a part of the construction of the Murdock Canal Trail.  The trail is also nearing completion.  More information about the trail can be found here.

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