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Association Activities

Winter Activities 2012 – 2013

The Association’s activities are currently focused in two primary areas: water operations and the Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project (PRCEP).  The 2012 water year was below normal in precipitation and runoff.  In wet years, the entire water system functions more easily, but in dry years extra energy is required to make sure water gets where it needs to go.  Care is taken to make sure each water facility is functioning as efficiently as possible to prevent water losses.  At the end of each irrigation season and water year, Provo River Project facilities are taken out of service, drained and inspected.  These facilities are then prepared for the coming spring runoff, and an accounting is made of the various water uses during the year.

Association staff has been working to decommission the enclosed Provo Reservoir Canal (this facility is now referred to as the Provo River Aqueduct or PRA).  This work involved draining the pipeline, opening various access points and pumping remaining water out of the eight inverted siphons.  The pipeline and its various features are inspected and made ready for the next year’s irrigation season.

The PRCEP is nearly complete.  Some work remains to upgrade the Murdock Diversion in the mouth of Provo Canyon.  The diversion will feature a large trash and tree removal system referred to as a hydrorake.  It will also have four travelling screens to remove small material from the water that is entering the PRA.  The upgrade should be complete by January 2013.

The Association is also involved in a project to make improvements at the Weber-Provo Diversion located in Oakley near Kamas, Utah.

Posted: Monday, December 24th, 2012 at 10:07 am